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Pork Sale! 10% off most pork products!

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Regeneratively raised.
Irresistibly tasty.

Our purebred Wagyu from Callicrate Beef is processed on-farm in Kansas for ultimate tenderness and flavor.
Order today to see why our customers say

"It's the first steak I've had worth eating."

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Coming Soon - Pastured Poultry from White Oak Pastures!

Check back soon for regenerative pasture-raised chicken, turkey, and guinea.

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What our customers are saying...

I still dream about that Wagyu ribeye.
Cam D. (Iowa)
The best raised, best tasting meat I've had in years.
Yvonne S.
Been getting some killer steaks and beef ribs from this place. Try the Wagyu beef and then thank me later.
Michael M. (Colorado)
Truly the best steak I've eaten in my life. Ever. (About Wagyu filet mignon seared in beef tallow)
Eric E. (Iowa)
I love this place. The meat tastes (sorry for pretentious word) sublime. I expected it to be shockingly expensive, but was not at all. So glad we discovered them!
Mary B. (Colorado)
A friend brought me a package of the Callicrate ground beef and it was honestly the best ground beef we have ever had! We made burgers and it tasted like we were eating steak!
Marlowe H. (Colorado)

The Future of Food is Transparent.

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Because when farmers can be successful farming regeneratively, we all benefit.

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