Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys (and turkey breasts!) from Gunthorp Farms NOW AVAILABLE!
Order by November 14/15th deadlines to receive on November 19th.

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Thanksgiving Turkeys are HERE!

Thanksgiving turkeys and turkey breasts are now available to order for delivery on November 19th.


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High Quality, Ethically Raised Products

On Bytable, you can buy truly farm-to-table cuts of meat - without buying the whole cow! We also heavily feature products from heritage breeds, which tend to be much more flavorful.

We visit farms and vet all of our producers to ensure animals are treated with care and compassion for their entire lives. You can find all the practices our farms follow here.

Directly Support Small, Regenerative Farms

70-80% of what you spend on Bytable Marketplace goes directly back to the farmer, compared to 14% for food purchased at the grocery store.

The farms we work with are regenerative, and put more back into the Earth than they take from it. If just 34.6% of agriculture land converted to regenerative practices, we could zero out carbon emissions. That's something worth supporting.

Meat is Processed On-Farm or with Small Processors

Animals are processed either on-farm or as locally as possible in small meat processing facilities to ensure the animals remain low-stress and happy until the end. This also results in much better and more tender meat.

This also means our producers are essential in supporting small, local meat processors which often struggle to stay competitive against large meat packers.

Wild Caught Alaskan Halibut and Sockeye Salmon Filets Available Now!

Our sockeye salmon and halibut are sustainably fished from the waters of Bristol Bay and Kodiak Island in Alaska. The halibut is sourced dock-direct and the salmon are hand-picked from small nets in the waters of Bristol Bay, AK by Kwee-Jack Fish Co., a family-owned community fishery.

Our Shipping Program

In order to keep our product prices low, we do charge some of the shipping cost to customers instead of building the costs into our pricing.
This saves our customers money on nearly every order.

We recommend ordering 25-30lbs at a time to maximize your savings!



We have order deadlines based on your shipping zone. Orders will arrive the Thursday following the deadline.

SATURDAY at Midnight for Three Day Ground.

SUNDAY at Midnight for One Day Ground (Colorado),  Two Day Ground, and Two Day Air.

Authentic New Zealand Meat Pies from Mountain Pie Co.!

Now available: Delicious, authentic New Zealand handheld meat pies, featuring Callicrate Beef and Pork!

More flavors coming soon! Available in singles, half dozen, or full dozen.

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"Truly the best steak I've eaten in my life. Ever."

Regeneratively raised.
Irresistibly tasty.
Processed on-farm for ultimate tenderness and flavor.

Our purebred American Wagyu from Callicrate Ranch in St. Francis, KS is simply unmatched. Order today for a food experience unlike any other.

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What our customers are saying...

Phenomal. Ordered ribeye, strip, duck breast and bacon. All have been fantastic. Food was delivered on time and packaged really well! Will definitely be using again!!!
Rylie G. (Texas)
"I really want to compliment you and your team for how well my order was packed, just outstanding service all the way around! Thank you!"
Jan W. (Colorado)
A friend brought me a package of the Callicrate ground beef and it was honestly the best ground beef we have ever had! We made burgers and it tasted like we were eating steak!
Marlowe H. (Colorado)
I love this place. The meat tastes (sorry for pretentious word) sublime. I expected it to be shockingly expensive, but was not at all. So glad we discovered them!
Mary B. (Colorado)
I still dream about that Wagyu ribeye.
Cam D. (Iowa)
The best raised, best tasting meat I've had in years.
Yvonne S.

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