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Meet Our Producers

We are proud to partner with the following producers to provide ethical and regenerative food products to our customers.

Callicrate Beef and Pork


"It's not what we do that makes our beef taste so good. It's what we don't do."

Mike Callicrate, owner of Ranch Foods Direct and Callicrate Cattle Co., has been raising cattle since 1986 at his family's farm in St Francis, KS. Mike’s farm follows a multi-species regenerative agricultural model, using the natural synergies between cattle, hogs and chickens to optimize the health of the livestock and the land. Callicrate's farm is also home to one of the only on-farm processing facilities in the U.S., which limits the stress animals experience before processing.

Callicrate Beef Products

Callicrate Beef is pasture-raised and finished, and during the roughly 120-day finishing period they are also supplemented with non-GMO grain (usually barley), and silage mixture to keep them happy and healthy. This special mixture of pasture-raising and pasture/grain diet finishing results in deliciously marbled products with an incredibly hearty beef flavor. Additionally, feed supplementation is necessary for pastured animals to live healthily in the low rainfall and short growing season of the High Plains of Kansas.

Callicrate Beef uses a mixture of Black Angus and Wagyu breed cattle for their breeding program. While some cattle are purebred Wagyu, most are a hybrid of Angus and Wagyu which results in an incredible Kobe-style beef that is both abundantly marbled and wonderfully beefy. They also are one of the very few farms to be able to offer beef from purebred Wagyu cattle, a rare Japanese breed that produces a world-renowned delicacy of incredibly marbled and buttery beef.

Callicrate Pork Products

Callicrate Pork is ethically and humanely raised before being processed on farm in St. Francis, KS. Throughout their lives, Callicrate pigs have plenty of room to play, wallow in the mud, and simply enjoy life outside in Kansas! There are no gestation or farrowing crates on the farm. Our sows give birth and raise piglets in a *real* barn, on hay, comfy and warm and with free access to the outdoors when the piglets are old enough.

Callicrate's pigs are Berkshire and Berkshire-cross Heritage breeds, and produce pork with exquisite marbling and divine flavor. No white/pink pork here - our pork is a deep red/pink color. When you bite into it, you'll know what real pork tastes like.

White Oak Pastures

Bluffton, GA


"If you would like to open up a lawn chair and drink a couple of glasses of wine while you watch the animal, then you have good animal welfare." - Will Harris

White Oak Pastures is a 5-generation family farm in Bluffton, GA run by Will Harris and his daughters Jenni and Jodi. They raise 10 species of animals using a regenerative model, humane animal practices, and on-farm processing resulting in a zero-waste operation.


White Oak Pastures is one of the largest regenerative agriculture operations in the United States and gainfully employs 155+ people in their small town of Bluffton. They are fiercely committed to the well-being and satisfaction of their animals, their employees, and their customers and we are proud to offer chicken, guinea, and a few pork, lamb, and duck products from White Oak Pastures. All products offered are certified non-GMO, and all but guinea and duck are Certified Humane and Certified EOV by the Savory Institute. Read more about their practices and operation on their website here.

More About Their Animals from White Oak Pastures:

"They spend their entire lives roaming our lush pastures and eating sweet grasses, as nature intended. We utilize Regenerative Grazing Practices and Holistic Management to manage the ten species of livestock that roam White Oak Pastures. Nature abhors a monoculture. All of our animals roam freely and breed naturally; they never set foot on concrete until the day of processing. We do not use hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

As much as we are committed to providing our animals with a peaceful, healthy life, we are committed to offering them a humane and dignified death. This is why in 2008 we built a USDA-inspected beef abattoir on our property, only the second of its kind in the United States. In 2011, we built our USDA-inspected poultry abattoir, the only one in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, or Mississippi that is available for pastured poultry. Our animals don't travel many miles from pasture to abattoir, unlike conventionally raised cattle that commonly travel many hours in a truck to slaughter without food, water or rest. Our plant, designed by Temple Grandin, is focused on keeping our animals at ease."

Gunthorp Farms

LaGrange, IN


"I personally think we have a moral obligation to farm in a sustainable way. We have to show the animals as much respect as possible; to let pigs be pigs." - Greg Gunthorp, the Chicago Tribune

Gunthorp Farms is a 4-species, hyper-efficient 65-acre regenerative farming operation in LaGrange, IN, run by the wonderful Gunthorp family. While we carry just their duck, the Gunthorps also raise pastured turkey, chicken, and hogs! Their products are featured in several up-scale restaurants in major Midwest cities, including the legendary Chef Rick Bayless' restaurants Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, and Charlie Trotter's in Chicago. They have one of very few on-farm USDA-inspected slaughter operations for both red meat and poultry, meaning all animals are slaughtered on-farm for minimal stress and an excellent final product.

Photo by Grant Beachy, Edible Michiana

All animals from the Gunthorps are pasture-raised and rotated throughout the woods and fields on their Indiana farm, and are provided shelter from inclement weather at all times. They are also offered a corn, soybean, and mineral mix. Animals at Gunthorp Farms are never given antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.

The Gunthorps are the second-largest employer in their rural county, only behind the college located a mere 2-miles away, and who they supply much of the meat prepared for students attending the college! They proudly employ 30 full-time and 15-part time employees, including 5 family members. Owner and father Greg Gunthorp has been a vocal spokesman for sustainable and regenerative agriculture since they started raising pigs in 1998. Daughter Kara runs marketing and wholesale accounts, and son Evan runs the processing facility. The entire Gunthorp family walks the walk and talks the talk to make a difference in their rural community and beyond through sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

Read more about Gunthorp Farms story in this wonderful article from the Chicago Tribune or on their website here.

Rafter W Ranch

Simla, CO


Rafter W Ranch started as a tiny 2.5 acre operation 20 years ago, and has now grown to a 640-acre regenerative 3-species ranch located in Simla, Colorado, run by the Wheeler family.


While we only feature their lamb products on the Bytable Marketplace, they also raise beef and chicken! The ranch is Audubon Certified, which is one of the most difficult certifications to get in meat production. Audobon Certified doesn't cover lamb (yet), but they hold the certification for beef, meaning Rafter W Ranch ensures they are preserving and protecting the native grasslands on their Eastern Colorado land, as well as raising animals ethically and without hormones or antibiotics.

Rafter W Ranch pasture-raised lamb and beef is American Grassfed Certified, and animals are never fed corn or any animal by-products.

Read more about Rafter W Ranch on their website here.

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