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Our Standards

Doing things the right way isn't easy.

But it's always worth it.

Our producers meet the following (extremely high) standards:


Verifiably regenerative, holistic, and/or sustainable agricultural practices, including:

  • Pasture raised animals and rotational grazing
  • Responsible water usage and minimal soil disturbance (no regular tilling)
  • Supports a diverse ecosystem and all available land is covered with vegetative matter
  • Supplemental feed is grown on-farm in a rotational or perennial system
  • Does not contribute to deforestation and land is not used for any extractive purposes

Humane & Ethical

Animals are treated humanely throughout their entire lives, including during slaughter and processing.

  • Adequate shelter, food, and water provided at all times
  • No preventative antibiotics. No hormones or steroids.
  • Environment is designed to encourage natural behaviors and protect animals from discomfort, fear, and distress
  • No routine indoor confinement unless medically necessary
  • Farming and other practices promote proper nutrition

Photo credit: Grant Beachy, Edible Michiana

Locally Processed

All animals are processed on-farm or at nearby, family-owned small meat processors for minimal stress.

  • The majority of our producers' animals are processed on-farm
  • All other animals are processed by nearby small meat processors.
  • Processors have robust humane animal treatment policies in place and enforced
  • This supports our producers and their local meat processors, ensuring a strong and robust local supply chain

Photo credit: Dougal Brownlie, The Gazette

We work with our producers because they do things the right way.

Meet them, and we're sure you'll agree.