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Ethically Raised

Humane treatment of animals, workers, and the land.
All animals and humans involved with our products are treated with the utmost care and compassion.

Ethically raised means our producers go beyond the standards for humane care, spacious outdoor living conditions, nutrition, and humane harvesting.

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Regeneratively Grown

Regenerative. Beyond sustainable.

We actively work to restore our land and rural communities. By improving soil health, we are able to reverse the negative impacts of decades of industrial farming practices. From our managed grazing, multi-species cover cropping, non-irrigated, dry-land barley production, to the production of manure/slaughter waste compost (including bonechar), we are doing all we can to restore better health to people, animals and our planet.

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Processed With Care

Animals are processed on-farm for absolute minimal stress. They are not shipped anywhere before slaughter, and receive the careful and compassionate treatment they deserve, every step of the way.

A USDA approved and inspected processing unit at the producers' farm where animals are walked or moved a very short distance to harvest, avoiding the travel stress of trucking. USDA/FSIS monitors and audits humane treatment and handling of animals and food safety inspections before, during and after harvest.

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No Unnecessary Antibiotics

Our animals are not given unnecessary antibiotics. They do not receive "preventative" or subtherapeutic antibiotics in feed, a practice which leads to greater antibiotic resistance.

We treat our animals humanely in a low stress environment, which means our animals rarely get sick. Any antibiotic use is in accordance with federal laws ensuring no residual antibiotics at processing.

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No Steroids or Hormones

In any animal, ever. (The FDA does not allow use of steroids or hormones in pork or poultry for consumption.)

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Minimally Processed

The product and its ingredients are minimally processed for greater flavor and nutrition.

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All Natural

Product and ingredients are minimally processed for greater flavor and nutrition. Does not contain any artificial flavor or flavoring, coloring ingredient or chemical preservative or any other artificial or synthetic ingredient.

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Callicrate GMO Policy

Callicrate Cattle Co. has always worked to avoid GMO feed, preferring to use barley or non-GMO corn as a finishing grain.

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Pasture Raised, Well Fed Cattle

Cattle are pasture-raised, grass-fed for the majority of their lives before being finished with a grain-based (mostly barley) diet for ~120 days. This raising style balances their nutritional needs for good health with an end result of delicious, high quality, and nutritious beef.  Additionally, feed supplementation is necessary for pastured animals to live healthily in the low rainfall and short growing season of the High Plains. Read more here about why our humane animal care includes supplemental feed and why we use what we do.

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USDA Inspected

Livestock are harvested in a USDA inspected processing unit or facility on the producers' farms.

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Purebred Wagyu

Purebred Wagyu cattle are extremely rare in the U.S. Originally imported from Japan, they are prized for their abundant marbling and tender meat. Callicrate Cattle Co. offers beef cuts from both purebred Wagyu and Wagyu-Black Angus cross cattle. 

Our purebred Wagyu, combined with the Callicrate Cattle Co production practices, results in the finest meat anywhere.

Like our Wagyu-Angus cross beef, all cattle are raised ethically and regeneratively, pasture raised and finished on barley and grains before being processed on-farm.

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Wagyu-Angus Cross

The Callicrate Beef herd is comprised mostly of Wagyu-Angus cross cattle. This specific cross produces meat with a hearty, beefy flavor and abundant fat marbling throughout for beef that is unlike any you've had before.

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No Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Our animals do not receive performance enhancing drugs, including subtherapeutic antibiotics, hormones, steroids or beta-agonists like Zilmax and Ractopamine.

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Vegetarian Fed

Fed a vegetarian diet with no animal products.

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Pastured Poultry

White Oaks Pastures' pastured poultry freely roam their Georgia pastures, foraging for bugs and grubs in the soil. They are also offered a non-GMO supplement, which contains grains like corn, soy, barley and wheat. They never receive antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or steroids. All their poultry is processed on-farm in our zero-waste processing abattoir. All poultry is (at minimum) Certified Non-GMO, Rated a Step 4 in the Global Animal Partnership, Certified Humane and EOV (Ecological Outcome Verified) in the Land2Market Program.

Gunthorp pastured poultry are pasture-raised at their family farm in LaGrange, Indiana. In addition to the many bugs, grubs, and insects they eat in the pastures, they are also offered a feed mixture of non-GMO corn and soybeans plus vitamins and minerals. All the Gunthorp poultry and pork is harvested on-farm in a USDA-inspected and Certified Organic processing plant run by the Gunthorp family.

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Certified Non-GMO

Product is certified to be non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project, whose standards can be found on their website. For meat, this means all feed is certified to not contain any GMOs.
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Certified Humane

Product is Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals in food production from birth through slaughter. Standards for each animal type can be found on their website,
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EOV (Ecological Outcome Verified)

Product is Ecological Outcome Verified by the Savory Institute. The EOV program scientifically measures and trends key indicators of ecosystem function like soil health, biodiversity of the land, and ecosystem function to determine whether the entire farming operation can be considered healthy and regenerative. Their standards can be found on their website at
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Berkshire / Berkshire-Cross Heritage Breed

Callicrate pork comes from Berkshire cross pigs. For the Callicrate operation, this means the sows are Berkshire crossbreeds, and the boars are full Berkshire breed pigs. This type of pig produces pork that is exquisitely marbled, a deep pink/red, and full of absolutely divine flavor. It's no wonder heritage pork is often called "the other red meat!"

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Pastured Pork

Pigs are forest animals! Our pastured pork products from White Oak Pastures come from hogs that spend their lives the way hogs should - free to wallow in mud, root in lush forests, and play. The pigs at White Oaks take on a working role - they're assigned a job they love: rooting! Their rooting clears out overgrown pastures and paddocks, and makes them an essential part of a well-maintained rotational grazing operation.

These pasture raised hogs eat what they can find for forage, and are given peanuts and cracked eggs from pastured hens on the farm as snacks. They are also offered non-GMO feed. They are Certified Non-GMO, Certified Humane, and Ecological Outcome Verified (EOV).

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Heritage Pork

Pork from traditional, heritage pork breeds. These breeds include Berkshire, Tamworth, and Gloucester Old Spots and are prized for the way they develop a deep pork flavor over time. Pork from Heritage breeds often looks more like fine beef, as it is a much deeper pink-red color and is finely marbled with delicious and flavorful fats.

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Certified Grassfed

This product is Certified Grassfed by the American Grassfed Association, meaning the animal's diet was 100% forage from weaning until harvest, that the animal raised on pasture, and was not treated with hormones or antibiotics.

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Wild Caught Salmon

Our wild caught sockeye salmon is harvested from fishing sites located near the mouth of the Kvichack River in Bristol Bay, AK. Bristol Bay is home to one of the largest Sockeye salmon runs in the world, with over 30 million salmon each year. It's closely managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game with very strict regulations to ensure sustainability for future generations of salmon (and the humans eating it!) Scientific management, along with the incredibly unique environment of the area, make wild Alaskan salmon one of the healthiest and well-managed resources for protein on the planet.

We source our wild caught salmon from Kwee Jack Fishing Co., a small family-owned community fishery. The Kwee-Jack fishing boats are small and nimble, ready to take on the rapid changes in weather and tides that happen in June and July in Alaska. They use a set-net style of fishing, which is used most often by smaller fisheries and requires small boats and shallow waters. The nets are anchored in the mud, and typically the boat is pulled under the net and the fish are hand-picked from the net - in comparison to large nets being pulled onto big boats, which put a huge amount of strain on the fish. The Kwee-Jack method of fishing preserves the quality of the fish by preventing crushing and strain. Large tender vessels with refrigerated fish-holds hang out nearby, ready to take the catch into their freezing saltwater brine. They then deliver the fish to the local fish processor for the freshest freezing possible.

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Mountain Pie Co Protocols

Mountain Pie Co meat pies are made with carefully sourced ingredients and are brought to life in their USDA-inspected kitchen at our shared facility in Colorado Springs.

- All the pies are made with Colorado-grown organic flour, and vegetables are sourced from organic farms whenever possible.

- The classic Steak and Ale and New Zealander pies are made with pasture raised Callicrate Beef and Laughing Lab Ale made locally in Colorado Springs.

- The Pueblo Pork Green Chile pies are made with ethically raised Callicrate Pork and the Pueblo green chiles are authentic, sourced from a three-generation family farm in Pueblo (about an hour south of Colorado Springs).

- The White Wine Chicken and Rosemary pies are made with naturally raised chicken from Red Bird, pinot grigio, and packed full of veggies.

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Wild Caught Alaskan Halibut

Our premium wild Alaskan halibut is caught near Kodiak Island in Alaska and sourced dock-direct from halibut fishermen by Kwee-Jack Fish Co. (our salmon fishermen)! It is flown in fresh for processing at their fisherman-friend's facility in the Pacific NW. Each portion is cut by hand and then cryovaced for superb freshness. Each filet is:

- Skinless

- Sushi grade

- Professionally fileted & flash frozen

- Individually vacuum-packaged

- Naturally boneless

- Generally weighs 6-8 ounces per filet

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Certified Organic Pastures and Processing

Gunthorp Turkeys are raised on Certified Organic pastures on the Gunthorp family farm in LaGrange, Indiana. Certified Organic pastures are held to USDA Organic certification standards for grazing management and forage availability, in addition to not having pesticides applied within the last 5 years at minimum. Turkeys are also not ever given antibiotics or hormones. The turkeys are then processed on-farm in a USDA-inspected and Certified Organic processing facility, meaning no bleach is used.
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Grass Fed and Finished Beef

Beef Bone Broth is made with 100% grassfed and finished beef from Oxbow Cattle Company in Missoula, MT.
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