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How to Cook a Wagyu Steak - American Method
An American-style method and lots of tips for cooking the perfect Wagyu steak with a crisp, salty sear and a buttery, tender inside. This method is for cooking an entire, untrimmed Wagyu steak to perfection. It will look and taste like the steak you always dreamed about. We use a cast iron pan and a stovetop/oven combination.
How to Cook a Wagyu Steak - Japanese Method
A traditional Japanese-style recipe for cooking Wagyu Steak in small, salty, buttery strips. Wagyu steaks have ridiculously high quality, flavorful ribbons of buttery fat, making them much more filling that a regular steak. There’s a reason the Japanese method is to serve it in small pieces - it will fill you up, and the richness of it can be overwhelming in quantity.
Chili con Carne
This chili con carne recipe is crafted by Bytable cofounder Jacy and is meant to be highly customizable! She uses both bacon and ground beef in this chili, but includes tips for a variety of meats, options for using either wine or beer, as well as tips on how to personalize the spicing so the flavor of your chili is exactly how you love it.
Buttermilk or Dry Brined Turkey
We're here to help you plan the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and make the turkey recipe that will become a tradition. We have thawing tips, brining recipes, and cooking tricks to ensure everything goes off without a hitch! Includes a recipe for Buttermilk Brined Whole Turkey / Turkey Breast and a recipe for Dry Brined Whole Turkey / Turkey Breast
Homemade Beef Tallow
If you’re looking for the key to french fries that taste like the good ol’ days, your great-grandmother’s secret pie crust recipe, or the best steak sear you’ve ever had, look no further than beef tallow! Tallow is rendered animal fat that is solid at room temperature and is shelf-stable, meaning it can be stored for an extended period of time in an air-tight container. Due to tallow’s extremely high smoke point of 420ºF (220ºC), it’s long been known as a great medium for frying.
Chef Monika's Mouthwatering Prime Rib Roast
Looking for tips on how to prepare the perfect prime rib roast? Look no further! Chef Monika Frison has a tried-and-true recipe for the perfect prime rib. From rubs to cook times, you'll find everything you need to cook a prime rib dinner for the ages with either our Wagyu or Kobe-style prime rib roasts!