How Our Shipping Program Works

1 Find Your Shipping Zone and Deadline

Use the map below to determine your shipping zone and order deadline! This also appears in the white bar underneath the menu bar. You will also receive order deadline reminders if you've created an account and opted into our emails!

2 Confirm Your Order and Watch for UPS Emails

Once your order is placed, you'll receive 1) a confirmation email with your estimated delivery date, 2) an email when your order is packed, and 3) emails from UPS with tracking information for your order.

3 Your Order Arrives the Following Thursday!

If you placed your order before your shipping deadline for the week, your order will arrive the Thursday immediately after. If you missed the deadline, your order will be delivered the following Thursday.

Determine Your Shipping Zone

Use the map below to find your shipping zone and cost. Then use your shipping zone to determine when your order deadline is!

Note: Some of Western Colorado will take two days in transit instead of one. You can still expect your order to arrive on Thursday.


Know Your Order Deadline

If you place your order by this deadline, your order will arrive the immediately following Thursday (assuming no delays in transit).

Order Deadline Saturdays at Midnight:

Three Day Ground Order Deadline (Dark Blue)

Order Deadline Sundays at Midnight:

One Day Ground (Yellow)

Two Day Ground (Light Blue)

Two Day Air (Green)

About Our Eco-Friendly Packaging


100% Curbside Recyclable

Both our boxes and thermal liners are 100% curbside recyclable, and can be recycled like regular cardboard products!


Certified Repulpable Liners

Our liners are certified repulpable and recyclable by Western Michigan University, meaning 85% or more of the material is guaranteed to be reusable after the recycling process.


Sustainably Made

Our liners are made with 100% post-industrial cardboard fibers from leftover manufacturing materials. Both cardboard boxes and our liners use a renewable and recyclable resource!



Our liners have a blend of DTK natural fibers and are super absorbant! This ensures if there is any leakage or spills during transit, it won't cause a problem (or a mess for you)!

Frequently Asked Shipping and Packaging Questions

Have questions that aren't about shipping or packaging?
Hop on over to our full FAQ page!

How long will my order take to arrive?

Your order will arrive on the Thursday after your order deadline for that week. So if you order by your shipping zone's Midnight deadline (Saturday for Three Day Ground, Sunday for Two Day Ground and Air, and Monday for One Day Ground), your order will arrive on the Thursday immediately following. If you miss this deadline, your order will arrive the next Thursday.

You will receive tracking information for your shipment from UPS on Monday night for Three Day Ground, Tuesday night for Two Day Ground and Air, and Wednesday night for One Day Ground.

How does the estimated total / final charge work?

We charge by exact weight for a majority of our products, which means the total you see in your cart at checkout is an estimated total. We don’t charge your card until all the products have been weighed and updated in your order. Usually, the difference after weighing isn’t very much - but if something goes over, don’t worry! If the final total is more than a $25 difference from your estimated order total, a member of our team will contact you via email or phone to confirm the total with you before we charge your card.

Why is shipping so expensive for me?

Shipping frozen meat products across the country is a logistical feat. We are constantly working to lower our shipping rates to better accommodate our customers, and we subsidize our shipping rates as much as we possibly can. Since all our products require coolant to ensure quality and freshness, we have to use shipping methods that will get your order to you as quickly as possible. Our processing and fulfillment center is in Colorado, and the further away you are from us the more expensive it is to deliver to your area. Please don’t let this stop you from experiencing the best meat of your life - it’s worth it! 

If shipping cost is prohibitive for you, sign up for our newsletter to be notified about sales, special offers, and price breaks on shipping!

How do I track my order?

You will receive an email from UPS with order tracking information once your order has shipped. Please see “How long will my order take to arrive?” to estimate when you will receive this email. If you have not received tracking information for your order by the end of the day when your order should have shipped, please contact us.

My order is delayed - will my products be okay?

It is HIGHLY likely your order will be 100% fine. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, we have been packing our orders to withstand a minimum delay of 1 day. If you are in a particularly hot or far away part of the country, we often pack it for longer.

If your package is delayed more than one day, please contact us as soon as you can. If your package is delayed 1 day or less, wait until your shipment arrives before contacting us as your package should be fine!

There was some thawing in my order - what should I do?

We pack orders with the goal of them arriving completely or partially frozen to your doorstep, but there are sometimes exceptions out of our control - particularly when orders are delayed in transit or if liners are critically damaged in shipment. Unless your products are 100% thawed through the middle and feels warmer than fridge temperature to the touch, they are 100% fine and okay to enjoy! However, if you do have major thawing issues in your order, please let us know as soon as you can and take a video/photos so we can see what went wrong!

There’s weird liquid / meat juice in my order. What should I do?

We are so sorry! There was likely an issue with a seal breaking during the bumps and jostling of shipping. This happens sometimes, and it can be a bit of a bummer (and a mess!). Your products should be just fine as long as they are either partially frozen or the gel packs are cold to the touch, but here’s what we recommend doing:

1. Please refrain from licking anything with the liquid on it. It's tempting, we know. If you have pets, they may also be interested in licking it (or playing in the box) - don't let them!

2. Take products out of the shipping cooler.

3. Figure out where the leak is coming from.   -  If it's an ice pack, discard the ice pack.   -  If it's a product, remove the packaging and place inside another sealable bag before freezing or refrigerating.

4. Rinse all sealed products with soapy water before freezing or refrigerating.

5. Make sure to wash hands after handling anything with refrigerant or meat juice on it. If you have any more questions or concerns, or would like a product with the broken seal replaced, please contact us.

I need my shipment to arrive faster / at a specific time / on a specific day.

Please contact us and our customer service team will assist you with special shipment requests.