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25 Halibut Filets Bundle

25 Halibut Filets Bundle

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This bundle includes 25 portions of halibut filets, which are ~6-8oz each. Our premium wild Alaskan halibut is caught near Kodiak Island in Alaska and sourced dock-direct from halibut fishermen by Kwee-Jack Fish Co. (our salmon fishermen)! It is flown in fresh for processing at their fisherman-friend's facility in the Pacific NW. Each portion is cut by hand and then cryovaced for superb freshness.

Halibut is a delicious and amazing fish. It is the largest flatfish in the ocean, and can grow up to 9 feet long! The lean, white meat of a halibut is firm enough to throw on the grill or pan sear without flaking apart. The meat is mild and sweet, and is incredibly versatile because it takes on flavor very easily! We recommend pairing with a delicious white wine butter sauce, and pan searing with a finish in the oven to temperature if necessary.

Whichever way you choose to make it, this fish will be excellent - just don't cook it too long or the leanness will cause it to dry out! (Or don't cook it at all and make a ceviche - it's sushi grade!)

Each filet is:

- Skinless 

- Sushi grade

- Professionally fileted & flash frozen

- Individually vacuum-packaged

- Naturally boneless

- Generally weighs 6-8 ounces per filet

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