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Capriole Goat Cheese Assortment

Capriole Goat Cheese Assortment

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This assortment of jawdropping Capriole cheeses is the perfect introduction to the incredibly wide range of remarkably intense flavors goat cheese can have. Capriole has been perfecting these flavors for 30 years, and years of hard work and dedication to their craft is present in every single cheese.

This bundle includes:

(2) Hand-Ladled Fresh Chevre Logs (8oz each)

Bright, tangy Capriole fresh goat cheese. Freezer-friendly and versatile in so many cooking, baking, and snacking applications, you can enjoy these for weeks and months to come!

(1) Wheel O'Banon (6oz)

One of the very first cheeses made at Capriole, O'Banon is dense and creamy with a texture like heavy silk and a flavor both fresh and complex. Wrapped in chestnut leaves that are marinated in Kentucky bourbon, this multiple award-winner is both gorgeous in flavor and presentation.

(1) 1/2 Wheel Julianna (1/2 lb)

Aged for 4 - 8 months, Julianna is mild and buttery with a smooth, shiny paste. Her natural rind is rolled in a mixture of Herbes de Provence, pink peppercorn, safflower, and calendula, adding aromatic herbal and floral undertones. Boasting a beguiling feminine appearance, Julianna delights both the eye and the palate with the flavors of Spring.

(1) 1/2 Wheel Mont. St. Francis (1/2lb)

Earthy, beefy and big in flavor, this 6-8 month cheese is carefully bathed in a salt brine and finished with a wash of stout. The result is a unique cheese: somewhere between soft and firm, with an intense, nutty flavor, smoky overtones, and pungent aroma.

(1) Wedge Old Kentucky Tomme (1/2lb)

As one of the first aged goat cheeses in the U.S., Old Kentucky Tomme has withstood the test of time and taste. This is not a cheese that hits you over the head and knocks you down — instead, unfolds like the pages of a good book. Buttery and rich with mild “cellar” and white mushroom overtones, it has a smooth paste and a bloomy natural rind. The rind becomes crusty and darker with age and the flavor develops a slight lipase kick at the finish, while the texture becomes more translucent and shiny like a traditional Fontina.