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Capriole O'Banon Fresh Goat Cheese

Capriole O'Banon Fresh Goat Cheese

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Wrapped up like a gift in bourbon-soaked chestnut leaves, this 6oz round of O’Banon is all the excuse needed for a celebration. This fresh goat cheese round initially has a bright, tart-fruit flavor balanced by an underlying sweetness and mild tannic note. The paste is dense but softly cloudlike, a testament to Capriole’s hand-ladling process.

Perfectly unique and beautiful on a cheese tray, with a long shelf life that improves flavor with age, O’Banon belongs on every cheese board! O'Banon is basically a solo cheese. While its subtle flavors and beautiful presentation are a perfect foil for bigger heavier cheeses on a cheese board, it’s perfect alone with a simple bread and a glass of dry bubbly. Unfold the leaves like petals around the cheese, allow to dry briefly and come to room temperature, and serve. It can also be grilled briefly on low heat and served with a peach or nectarine salsa.

Pair with: Dry Prosecco and Champagne, California Viogniers, Virtue Cider Mitten, Virtue Maple Mitten, light citrusy beers, Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat. Strawberries and balsamic compotes.