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Fresh Chevre Goat Cheese Log, Hand Ladled

Fresh Chevre Goat Cheese Log, Hand Ladled

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This hand-ladled 8oz log of fresh chevre from Capriole Farm is a bright, tart cheese, that will compliment on a cheese tray or as an ingredient. The hand ladling that is characteristic of all the Capriole fresh and ripened chèvres is what adds a perfect, silky, and cloud-like texture. The tart, bright flavor kick provides complexity. It is also FREEZER FRIENDLY, meaning you can freeze to enjoy later!

From savory quiches and flatbreads to sumptuous desserts, this is the cheesethat gives incomparable lightness of flavor and texture, ‘oomph’ to an otherwise heavy or fatty dish. Imagine: flatbread with grilled onions, apples, some arugula and bits of fresh goat cheese; fresh chevre brûléed on grilled peaches or figs; gratinéed potatoes with fresh goat cheese sprinkled throughout.

Pair with: Almost anything not too tannic—Crisp white wines like Sauvignon Blanc or a California Viogniers. Virtue
Cider Mitten, Virtue Maple Mitten, light citrusy beers, Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat. Strawberries and balsamic