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Grassfed Leg of Lamb

Grassfed Leg of Lamb

$16.95/lb. Avg. 3lb .
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A ~3 lb grassfed leg of lamb from Rafter W Ranch! Leg of lamb is a dramatic and breathtaking centerpiece, and is typically roasted, carved, and served with a succulent sauce.

Lamb from Audobon Certified Rafter W Ranch is Certified Grassfed from the American Grassfed Association. Lamb is pasture-raised and grass-fed, grass-finished for a wonderfully balanced trio of tenderness, juiciness, and gaminess. Rafter W Ranch Lamb is never given hormones, antibiotics, or steroids and is never fed corn, soy, or other GMO grains (they're grassfed!).

Photo credit to Recipe Tin Eats - click here for their recipe for a Classic Roast Lamb Leg with Gravy!

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