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Half Dozen Chicken Bone Broth for Pets

Half Dozen Chicken Bone Broth for Pets

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A bundle of (6) 16oz containers of human-grade chicken bone broth for pets! Add it to dry food to soften the kibble and add extra nutrients!

About the Broth: Pasture Raised Chicken Bone Broth for Pets from Mountain Meadow Bone Broth is made with 100% human-grade ingredients, the same pasture-raised chickens used in their broth for people. The difference is the bones aren't roasted and there is no onion used, since it is toxic for dogs and cats. This pet broth fills the nutritional gap left by commercial dog foods and other cheaply produced, mass-marketed dog products with low-quality ingredients. Mountain Meadow Bone Broth for pets promotes optimal digestion, joint health, soft skin and coats, and a healthy immune system for both dogs and cats.

This product is especially if you have a pet that's a picky eater, a pet with teeth problems or who doesn't like dried food, or an older pet that could use some extra nutrients in their diet!

About the Ingredients: Mountain Meadow uses 100% pastured and humanely-raised chicken from Living River Farms in Stevensville, MT. Chickens are humanely raised on Montana pastures, and roost in coops-on-wheels that are rotated daily to new grass. The chickens are never fed or injected with any hormone, steroid, antibiotic, or chemical. When the chickens are ready for harvest, they are humanely processed at nearby Homestead Organics, the only certified small poultry processing facility in Montana. A true community-supporting entity, Homestead Organics also hosts butchery and farming classes, supports a commercial kitchen, and operate as an entertainment venue with live music and plenty of food. This is truly a farm-to-table product!

How to use: Use either warm or cold. Serve as a topper for dry food, wet food, or to rehydrate dried raw food. You can even make "pet popsicles" for your pet to enjoy on a warm day!

Keep frozen until ready to use. After thawing, refrigerate and consume within 5 days.



Water, chicken backs, necks and feet from pasture-raised chickens. Does NOT contain salt, additives, preservatives, flavorings, or GMOs.

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