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Julianna 1/2lb - Herb Rind, Semi-Firm Aged Goat Cheese

Julianna 1/2lb - Herb Rind, Semi-Firm Aged Goat Cheese

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A 1/2lb wedge of an absolutely BEAUTIFUL cheese with the depth of flavor to match. Julianna is a mild, semi-hard aged goat cheese dusted with Herbes de Provence and wildflowers. It melts beautifully and combines with flavors both sweet and savory. Aged 4 - 8 months, this petite cheese is buttery and smooth like Capriole’s Old Kentucky Tomme, but nuttier and firmer like a Tomme du Savoie. In its latest incarnation, Julianna’s mushroomy rind is punctuated by Herbes de Provence, calendula petals, and safflower petals. She boasts a beguilingly feminine appearance and an aromatic finish on the palate, reminiscent of the flavors of spring.

TheDiBruno Bros. point out that “its herb coating makes it a perfect pairing for olives, and the buttery but tart quality begs to be paired with a rich, full flavored charcuterie. Like Brin d’Amour, it matches up well with a rosé, making it a perfect summer cheese as well as an outstanding example of the boundless creativity of American cheese making.”

- Broiled peach with warm Julianna and lavender honey
- Crostini with Julianna, Newsome's country ham, and plum preserves
- tomato jam, lavender honey

Pair with:
light, fruity wines like Rosé, Gruner Vetliner, Pinot Noir, Gamay, or with Goose Island Matilda, Lagunitas
Pils, Virtue Cider Percheron, Virtue Maple Mitten. Charcuterie and watermelon pickles. Pickled pears or rhubarb.

**Note: Due to the temperature sensitivity of cheese, we are unable to use dry ice in these shipments - Three Day Ground shipments including cheese will be up-charged to Two Day Air.**