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New York Strip Steak Bundle (10)

New York Strip Steak Bundle (10)

Bundle Discount!
$1.70/lb. savings
$16.99/lb. $15.29/lb. Avg. 9 lb.
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IF NOT PICKING UP IN STORE: Bundle prices are 10% of regular item prices! Items are weighed then discounted for your final bundle total.

A box of 10 of our Callicrate New York Strip Steaks. Cut from the short loin, the New York Strip (or Strip Steak, Beef Loin, or Top Loin) is finely textured, tender, and juicy. One of the more popular steak cuts, its signature buttery flavor and moderate marbling make it an excellent, less fatty steak choice.

Our beef is grass fed and grain finished on our own ranch for the perfect texture and deep flavor. Humanely raised with no hormones or steroids, our animals are raised outdoors with room to roam. We provide healthy diets free of growth promoting substances and process right on the farm to minimize stress, so you get to enjoy the best beef anywhere. There are no additives in our meat, which is why the taste is so clean and natural.