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Old Kentucky Tomme 1/2lb - Aged Capriole Goat Cheese

Old Kentucky Tomme 1/2lb - Aged Capriole Goat Cheese

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A 1/2lb wedge of one of our absolute favorite cheeses. This is not a cheese that hits you over the head and knocks you down, but it is one that unfolds like the pages of a good book. It is one of the first aged goat cheeses in the US and has stood the test of time and taste. For all those who are tepid around goat cheese, Old Kentucky Tomme is a game-changer. Buttery and rich with mild “cellar” and white mushroom overtones, it has a smooth paste and a bloomy natural rind. The rind becomes crusty and darker with age and the flavor develops a slight lipase kick at the finish, while the texture becomes more translucent and shiny like a traditional Fontina. It grates well, and melts beautifully.

- flatbread or bruschetta with grilled onions and apples and drizzle of sorghum
- add to cheese sauces for vegetables
- in cheese grits, omelettes, scrambled eggs, and quiches
- in hot browns and grilled cheese
- On charcuterie board with pickled vegetables, or apple butter, sorghum, and spiced nuts, and cornbread bruschetta

Pair with: 
Chenin blanc, Sauterne, Pinot Gris. Goose Island Oktoberfest, Virtue Cider Percheron, Virtue Maple Mitten, Virtue Cherry Mitten. Also great with sweet wines like Moscato, and sweet condiments.

**Note: Due to the temperature sensitivity of cheese, we are unable to use dry ice in these shipments - Three Day Ground shipments including cheese will be up-charged to Two Day Air.**