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Pasture Raised Beef Bone Broth

Pasture Raised Beef Bone Broth

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A single 16oz container of delicious beef broth!

About the Broth: Pasture Raised Beef Bone Broth from Mountain Meadow Bone Broth is loaded with delicious flavor from grass-fed and grass-finished Beef Bones. This broth adds depth to any dish or makes a perfect cup of delicious nourishment. It's made by roasting a variety of bones – knuckle, marrow and shank – to deepen the flavor. The bones are then added to a simmering pot of carrots, onions and celery. The broth is simmered for 18 hours to extract all nutrients (and flavors!) from the ingredients.

About the Ingredients: Mountain Meadow uses 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef bones from Oxbow Cattle Company in Missoula, MT. Oxbow Cattle Company produces healthy, grass-finished beef on pastures near Missoula, Montana. Good stewardship of the land where they graze their herds is vital to sustainable food production, biodiversity, and resiliency.  Oxbow is dedicated to building healthy soil ecosystems that sequester carbon. Abundant organic matter is built by using cover crops and mimicking natural gazing patterns with frequent rotations. The result is strong soil that supports regenerating grass for the cows. Since the cattle never receive chemicals, their waste does not contaminate the soil, keeping it healthy and strong. Their cows are never given growth hormones, antibiotics, or grains. Also, moving the cows to new pasture on foot or horseback, allows for effective, quiet attention that reduces stress for the animals.

How to use: Use in soups, sauces, slow-cooker meals, or sip a cup for a nutrient-rich snack. It does not contain any salt, so you can control your salt/sodium intake.

Keep frozen until ready to use. After thawing, refrigerate and consume within 5 days.



Water, bones from grass-fed and grass-finished cows, carrots, onions, celery, black peppercorns. Does NOT contain salt, additives, preservatives, flavorings, or GMOs.

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