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Pastured Chicken Tenders

Pastured Chicken Tenders

$12.99/lb. Avg. 1 lb.
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Approximately 1 pound of skinless, boneless chicken tenders from pastured Gunthorp Farms chickens! Typically 6-8 tenders in each package. Packages are individually vacuum-sealed for ultimate freshness and convenient freezer storage! Chicken tenders are a delicate, tender, and delicious cut taken from the innermost underside portion of the breast - the most "tender" part of the chicken! Steam, poach, air fry, or bake for a low-calorie meal... or bread them and plop into a fryer for a delectable fried chicken tender.

Poultry from Gunthorp Farms is pasture-raised on Certified Organic pastures on their family farm in Indiana. They are antibiotic- and hormone-free, and in addition to pasture forage they are also offered a non-GMO corn and soybean mixture with vitamins and minerals that is ground on-farm. The Gunthorps harvest their animals on-farm in their USDA-inspected and Certified Organic processing plant.

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