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Pastured Pork Shoulder (Butt) Roast, Bone-In

Pastured Pork Shoulder (Butt) Roast, Bone-In

$7.99/lb. Avg. 2.5lb .
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A single, vacuum-packed pork shoulder roast weighing around 2.5-3 lbs and priced by weight. Well-marbled with fat, our thick bone-in shoulder roast (sometimes called pork butt, Boston butt) is perfect for a slow-cooked meal. Sear it and then cook it low and slow to watch it transform into melt-in-your-mouth pork that falls apart at the touch. Make pulled pork for an American classic or spice it up with traditional Mexican carnitas. Or, grind it at home for fresh ground pork meatballs or patties!

Limited to 4 per order.

Producer and Product Standards:

Gunthorp Farms raises Duroc and Duroc-cross hogs on their fourth generation family farm in LaGrange, IN. The pigs are raised on pasture from farrow to finish in the wooded, hilly land the Gunthorps have made their home. While on pasture, they receive supplementary feed with corn (some of which is grown on-farm), soybeans, and vitamin and mineral mix to keep a balanced diet. The result is fantastically marbled pork with incredible flavor. All Gunthorp animals are humanely slaughtered and processed on-farm in their USDA-inspected processing facility.