Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys (and turkey breasts!) from Gunthorp Farms NOW AVAILABLE!
Order by November 14/15th deadlines to receive on November 19th.
Pastured Poultry Bundle

Pastured Poultry Bundle

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Dive into our newest bundle, the pastured poultry bundle! This bundle totals ~23-25lbs of delicious, juicy pastured poultry from both White Oak Pastures and Gunthorp Farms, two fantastic regenerative family farming operations. It features both whole and individual cuts of chicken and duck, plus a delicious cajun duck sausage!

This bundle includes:

- 6 packages (~6 lbs, or ~14-18 breasts) Boneless Skinless Pastured Chicken Breasts from White Oak Pastures

- 1 package (~2.5 lbs) Pastured Chicken Wings from White Oak Pastures

- 1 package (~2.5 lbs) Pastured Chicken Legs (Drumsticks) from White Oak Pastures

- 3 packages (~3 lbs) Pastured Duck Cajun Sausage Links from White Oak Pastures

- 1 Whole Pastured Chicken (~3 lbs), Imperial Red Heritage Breed from Gunthorp Farms

1 Whole Pastured Pekin Duck (~6.25 lbs) from Gunthorp Farms

- 1 package (~.75lbs, 2 skin-on breasts) Pastured Duck Breast from Gunthorp Farms

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