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Pastured Turkey Tails

Pastured Turkey Tails

$2.49/lb. Avg. 2lb .
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A ~2lb package containing ~5 pasture raised turkey tails. The turkey tail is seldom heard of in traditional American cooking, but is surprisingly chock full of tasty fats. If you struggle with dry turkey, throw in a tail to add some extra fat to your dish, or cook it on its own. Turkey tail dishes have a rich history in many places, like Samoa, Ghana, and Micronesia.

Producer and Product Standards:

Our turkey is pasture-raised on the Becker family farm in Mooreland, Indiana! They are both antibiotic- and hormone-free. In addition to pasture forage, the turkeys are also offered a non-GMO nutrient dense feed mixture that is mixed and ground on-farm. The turkeys are processed humanely at a nearby small-scale meat processor.