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Pet Food & Broth Bundle

Pet Food & Broth Bundle

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A bundle of our popular 25lb ground beef pet food bundle and (6) 16oz containers of human-grade chicken bone broth for pets! Made with pasture-raised meats, organs, and bones from 100% human-grade ingredients.

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Pet Food Ingredients: Contains Beef Heart, Liver, Kidney, and Bone Meal. Approximate Ingredient Ratios: 65% beef trimmings, 10% beef liver, 10% beef heart, 10% beef kidney, 5% bone meal. Nutritional Profile - Minimum 17.4% Crude Protein, Minimum 13.6% Crude Fat, Maximum 2.1% Crude Fiber, Maximum 62.3% Crude Moisture. ______________________________________________ Broth Ingredients: Water, chicken backs, necks and feet from pasture-raised chickens. Does NOT contain salt, additives, preservatives, flavorings, or GMOs.

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