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Raw Ground Beef Pet Food - Case of 25lbs

Raw Ground Beef Pet Food - Case of 25lbs

$3.99/lb. Avg. 25lb .
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**DUE TO SHIPPING COSTS, WE HAVE A LIMIT OF ONE PET FOOD BUNDLE PER ORDER. If you would like to purchase more than one, please create a separate order.**

Our pet food bundle contains 25 single, individually packaged servings (~1lb) of our raw beef pet food, for cats or dogs. Our pet food is made using Callicrate beef, organs, and bone meal. The approximate ratios of each of these is:

- 65% beef trimmings

- 10% beef liver

- 10% beef heart

- 10% beef kidney

- 5% bone meal

Nutritional Profile - Minimum 17.4% Crude Protein, Minimum 13.6% Crude Fat, Maximum 2.1% Crude Fiber, Maximum 62.3% Crude Moisture.

For supplemental feeding only - please consult with a veterinarian to ensure your pet's diet is properly balanced.

Producer and Product Standards:

Callicrate Beef is grass fed and grain finished on their regenerative family ranch for the perfect texture and deep flavor. Humanely raised with no hormones or steroids, their animals are raised outdoors with room to roam. They provide healthy diets free of growth promoting substances and process right on the farm to minimize stress, so you get to enjoy the best beef anywhere. There are no additives in Callicrate Beef, which is why the taste is so clean and natural.

Learn more about our farmers and producers on our Producer page!


Contains Beef Heart, Liver, Kidney, and Bone Meal. Approximate Ingredient Ratios: 65% beef trimmings, 10% beef liver, 10% beef heart, 10% beef kidney, 5% bone meal. Nutritional Profile - Minimum 17.4% Crude Protein, Minimum 13.6% Crude Fat, Maximum 2.1% Crude Fiber, Maximum 62.3% Crude Moisture.

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