Smoked Ham (Boneless)

Smoked Ham (Boneless)

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At an average of 10lbs per ham, these pasture-raised smoked hams from Gunthorp Farms are the ideal centerpiece for any special meal. Cured on-farm to perfection by the Gunthorp family, these hams are packed with porky flavor that you won't find in grocery store hams.

Gunthorp Farms raises Duroc and Duroc-cross hogs on their fourth generation family farm in LaGrange, IN. The pigs are raised on pasture from farrow to finish in the wooded, hilly land the Gunthorps have made their home. While on pasture, they receive supplementary feed with corn (some of which is grown on-farm), soybeans, and vitamin and mineral mix to keep a balanced diet. The result is a fantastically marbled pork with incredible flavor.

*Photo Credit for Ham to Everyday Maven - check out their article on how to cook a smoked ham with a Maple Spice Glaze recipe here!*

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