Wagyu Boneless Ribeye Bundle (5)

Wagyu Boneless Ribeye Bundle (5)

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5 Boneless Wagyu Ribeyes, weighing approximately 1-1.25lbs each!

If you’re looking for a steak that will make any steak you’ve had before pale in comparison, our Callicrate American Wagyu Ribeye is it - the steak to end all steaks. Marbled with creamy fat that will melt in your mouth and packed with hearty beef flavor unlike anything else, this steak is sure to make an impression.  Give it a try and see why one of our customers called it “the first steak I’ve had worth eating."

Callicrate Purebred Wagyu is pasture raised and finished, and supplemented with locally grown grains for unmatched tenderness and signature Wagyu marbling. Our steaks are hand cut by a master butcher, meaning sizes will vary.

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