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Becker Farms provides our pasture-raised turkeys!

Kyle and Emily Becker established Becker Farms in 2007 in northeast Henry County, Indiana, as an avenue to provide customers with high-quality, safe freezer beef. Over time, they have expanded their small family farm to include chickens, turkeys, pigs, and hens. They also are starting a small creamery!

Kyle works as a food animal veterinarian, and Emily holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Indiana University. Emily is blessed to be at home raising their four children, and helping on the farm and with Kyle’s veterinary practice.

Their goal is to not only produce healthful, nutrient-dense foods but to also do so in an environmentally-responsible manner. When they purchased theirr farm in 2007, it had been planted in row-crops for several decades and the health of the soil was dreadful. It is our belief that healthy soil produces healthy pasture which produces healthy livestock (which is in line with Michael Pollan’s ‘You are what you eat eats’ thinking).

Becker Farms