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Callicrate Wagyu is from purebred Wagyu cattle, pasture-raised on the Callicrate family ranch in St. Francis, KS. Purebred Wagyu cattle are extremely rare in the U.S. Originally imported from Japan, they are prized for their abundant marbling and tender meat. Callicrate Cattle Co. offers beef cuts from both purebred Wagyu and Wagyu-Black Angus cross cattle. The purebred Wagyu cattle, combined with the Callicrate Cattle Co. production practices, results in the finest meat anywhere.

Like the regular Callicrate Wagyu-Angus cross beef, all cattle are raised ethically and regeneratively, pasture raised and finished on barley and grains before being processed on-farm. Cattle are pasture-raised, grass-fed for the majority of their lives before being finished with a grain-based (mostly barley) diet for ~120 days. This raising style balances their nutritional needs for good health with an end result of delicious, high quality, and nutritious beef. Additionally, feed supplementation is necessary for pastured animals to live healthily in the low rainfall and short growing season of the High Plains. They are never given hormones, steroids or unnecessary antibiotics.

Callicrate Wagyu