Capriole Farm is owned by the Schad family of Greenville, Indiana. The farm is 50+ acres and conserved by the Sycamore Land Trust, and is mostly hardwood trees and forest browsing - perfect for goats. The Schad family have been crafting and perfecting goat cheeses for over 30 years in their on-farm creamery. Their signature fresh goat cheese, O'Banon, has won 5 American Cheese Society awards including a first place award in 2015. They win awards every year for their amazing cheeses.

In 2012, after raising their own goats for nearly 36 years, the Schads could no longer expand on their own land and felt it was time to focus on cheesemaking. They sold their 500-head herd of goats to the Clark family of Tuckhill Farm in nearby Goshen, IN. The Clark family and their nearly 1,400 head herd provides them with high quality milk for Capriole cheese to this day. The Clarks also use the milk to make soaps, scrubs, lotions, and other body care products. As Capriole grew, they added on the milk of the Otto's - an Amish family farm next to the Clark's.

The farms producing milk for Capriole cheeses are small, family-owned operations who use holistic management. The goats go in and out of the barn as they please, happily gathering for their twice-a-day milking ritual. Goats are browsing animals and often would prefer chewing on a nice branch over fresh grass, though they are offered non-GMO feed as a supplment. The herd includes Alpine, LaMacha, Saanen, Toggenberg, Oberhasli, and Nubian goats.

Learn more about Capriole on their website here.

Capriole Farm

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