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Parker Pastures is a small family farm located in Gunnison, CO. It was founded in 2006 by Bill and Kelli Parker, and is owned and operated by them and their three children. They practice regenerative agriculture and holistic management on their farm, and produce grassfed and finished beef and lamb. We are incredibly proud to offer their lamb on the Marketplace. Cloe Parker, the oldest child at 17 years, raises the lambs herself with the utmost care and compassion.

A note from Cloe Parker: "The main reason I, Cloe Parker, am a shepherdess is for connection. I desire and fight so that my meat is the center piece of a meal that brings friends and family together. So that joy and laughter is shared over delicious and health food. In a place where cell phones and social media is put away and we look at each others in the eye with truth and love. I mange and care for my sheep in a way that provides hope and abundance for the animals, wildlife, flowing water, the underground herd (soil), plants, and people, so that we can have a connection to the land, soil, birds of the sky, elk of the mountains, beavers and fish of the water for years to come. That’s why I build electric fence in the pouring rain or shining sun, even when its hard and challenging and I just want to cry I keep going. I do it for connection. I fight so that we all can have true and beautiful connection to our food, the land, wildlife, soil, God, and each other."

Parker Pastures